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Moving day

When exit from the old house behaved as when you leave for a vacation, especially if it is foreseeable that the apartment remains empty for a long time, separating electricity, gas and water. If it is winter and live in an area subject to frost, clear the water pipes.

  When downloading, the parcel should not be stacked, at the heart of various rooms depending on the content, with the precaution of putting down the heavier boxes at the top and those lighter.

  Make sure any old tenants have not forgotten anything that might ask later.

  Clean the new house before undoing the cartons.

  Remove from parcels before all the objects fragile and any plants and, when possible, check if you used a moving service that the boxes or furniture, when downloaded, are intact. If you see damage, contestali immediately. If this is the case, make a photograph of the damaged packaging before you open them, especially when it comes to objects of some value. Be careful: the damage should be reported immediately, written (preferably on the back of the contract) and signed by you and by the foreman of the company. Dovessero have problems, please contact the owner.

  If you have not already done so, take note of the readings of the counters light and gas, to avoid unpleasant surprises!

  Make sure that any company has moved the exact address of the new home and a telephone number where you can contact. Does the approximate time of arrival and arrives FIRST them!

  Take the material survival kit you put in a place easily accessible.
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