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One day before the relocation

Note to hand anything you serve during the move, including material survival kit and the keys of the new house.

  If you entrust to a company moving, make sure to provide transennamento roads where load objects and where they download.

  If there are children home and small animals, portals from relatives or friends.

  If you know the person who will take your place in the leaving, check with her and write the results of reading meters for electricity, gas and water, if succeed in your contract.

  Turn off the refrigerator and asciugalo.

  If you do not plan to use the service provided by redirecting Poste, connect agree with the porter (if you) or with a neighbor or if it is possible the new tenant because you send mail that comes to your old address.

  If you have not already done so, unmount all mobile units, putting the screws and bolts in plastic jars, writing above what contain. However, if the removal and replacement of furniture is the responsibility of the company, not dismantle any mobile: avoid problems from those who refit!

  If you left clothes in laundry, remember to switch to withdraw.

  If you move with your car, check the fuel level.

  If the house you transfer was inhabited, if you have not already done so, before moving sure that the old tenant has actually left.
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