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A week before the move

The parcel should have almost all ready.
1 Week Before Moving:
  Finish to give away what they do not want to take with you.

  If you have small children and animals, make sure that the day of the move there is someone who will take care of them.

  If you have not already done so, sbrigati to terminate the old contracts of light and gas and informed for succeeding or for connections in the new house.

  If you have plants you must prepare them for transport: racimola some sticks to fix the stems or trunks and collect materials for making anti bulky casings and transparent.

  Make at least make duplicate keys of the new house to be put objects to be kept at hand.

  If you know the person who will take your place in the leaves that directly appointment for the exact day the move for the eventual delivery of the keys. Otherwise get any appointment with the owner or agency to which you have entrusted the sale.

  Unmounting any satellite dishes.

  If the house you transfer was inhabited sure now that the old tenant has indeed left and that there has left debris or wreckage.

  Finally, remember to return all the videos that you took to hire and the books you borrowed from the library. Do not postpone: later might be too busy to find the time to do so.


  When it moves it is easily stressed and irritable. If you have small children is better, at least for the day of the move, searching for their accommodation at some relative or friend.

  A child can suffer when changes home, because it leaves an environment that is family, including his friends and possibly his college buddies. Usually, bigger children adapt more difficulty in this kind of change.

  Regardless of the age of your children, you can try to prepare them to move in advance, not because they represent a traumatic event: their faces with the problem and show your optimism for the new accommodation.

  When you are in the new house, portateci also objects to the old habit and to respect the "ritual" reassuring, as lunch or dinner at the same time, eating the same meals at regular intervals, especially if you already did before.

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If there are pets remember to provide to them. Door with you:

  A bottle of water and a bowl.

  Food enough for any eventuality.

  A toy.

  The pet carrier, where indoor sleeping or something similar.

  Material toiletries (brushes, shampoo).

  Plastic bags, sponges and paper towels to clean bisognini possible side (not infrequent if the animal is not accustomed to travel).
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