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Before 1 Month Moving

Before 1 Month Moving

  Contact relocation services and pick one (search Yellow Pages or Useful Pages under "removals"). If you book well in advance, usually more than one month in advance, some companies will also offer discounts of 10-15% compared to the normal tariff.

  Just like spring cleaning, the move is an opportunity to give or throw away what they do not need more.

  Start now to prepare parcels to be transported to the new house (we always feel that I had a lot more things than expected!) .

  You rifornirti of boxes and cartons, tape, rope and a large pen. Make an agreement with a merchant friend: Shopping throw away many boxes used and reusing those save. Alternatively, you can buy at the big cartolerie folded cartons. Warning: it is not always so easy to find; Informed some time before. Also, to be a material that is thrown away with such lightness, the boxes are surprisingly expensive to buy new. Special attention will be but object to those fragile or heavy: imballarli you have to use cardboard thick as those "triple layer", which is generally not found in supermarkets.

You do not forget to take material suitable for packing fragile things, such as dishes or mirrors. Typically protect from shocks, in avvolgendoli pluriboll (which is the transparent material with the "bubbles scoppiettano") and corrugated cardboard.

  Now is the time to begin to "box" house: here are some hints for doing things well.

  He begins to empty the freezer is always a pity to throw away food!

Making the boxes

The boxes should be prepared with criterion:

  Write exactly what they contain, in as much detail as possible. If within a packaging material you put fragile write so obvious. Make sure that the boxes, once closed, the side have just an indication of what they contain, that the writing is not reversed.

  Keep a notebook or a block-notes, writing gradually those boxes you prepared and contains what each (and make sure not to lose it!) .

  Fill the boxes respecting the original objects (for example divide clothes accordance with the provision had in top).

  "Boxing" one room at a time. Write on the box that room is, or if you have a box of pens colored flags with the same color boxes of the same room. Or, if you have many boxes with the same content (eg books, or clothes) you can mark all the same color.

  Before fill the boxes and only after a total of furniture. Some furniture (those that can not be dismantled) can serve as containers for the boxes heavy but less bulky (for example clothes).

  Make sure you have enough boxes for clothes, not too stiparli, rovinandoli. The removal companies use "trunks cupboards, closets real cardboard to mount, where you can hang clothes. The scatolifici normally sell the trunks cabinets (search on yellow pages under "boxes").

  If moving season in cold packs for the first summer clothes and vice versa if moving in the summer (usually boxes last things that you are using more or using more).

  Put heavier items in smaller boxes (large ones used to contain objects lighter). In this way it would be easier to operate.

  If you must have light and heavy objects in the same box, put those under heavier and lighter and above marks very clear on the box ABOVE and BELOW.

  Do not use a few boxes, fill them up to make them explode, but prediligi many boxes smaller and lighter and easier to carry.

  Make sure the bottom of all boxes is strong enough to withstand the weight of material that must contain.

  The dishes are placed vertically ( "standing") on the bottom of the box and separated from each other with impact-resistant material, such as pluriboll (plastic with air bubbles that scoppiettano).

  For particularly fragile objects you can add towels, pillows or whatever can be made more secure transport.

  The boxes containing fragile material not contain "empty" fill the space that makes adding, for example, paper newspaper.

  Prepare a box of the old order needs (towels, linens, dishes, soap and so on), a sort of "survival kits" to be able to find immediately the same day of the transfer.

  Put all important documents and valuables and any tickets in a safe place and easy access in order not to lose and have always within reach.

  Before placing objects in the boxes, take the opportunity to clean it at least a bit! That's all you save work in the new house, when things will be done a lot more.

  Make sure the boxes are unloaded in the right place (the boxes containing kitchen items, for example, must be made immediately in the kitchen and not in the bedroom). Place all the material in the center of the premises, leaving open the walls: in this way the walls are free and can more easily replace furniture.

  When downloading, packages must be stacked in the middle of various rooms, or space becomes inagibile. However Take the precaution of putting down the heavier boxes (for example those which contain books).
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