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Procedures for obtaining authorizations

Procedures for obtaining the necessary permits.

Employment Authorization pubbilco soil. In each city is a specific existing municipal regulations. In the city of Rome, the process is very complicated and burdensome from an economic point of view, there problem stems from the fact that the procedure for the employment of public space with furniture and means for a few hours, as with the movers, is anchored legislation governing, the occupation of public space and the closure of roads for construction, the day digging trenches for the laying of cables or pipes or pipes for sewers, etc..

In the case of international moving between countries that do not have community facilities, traslocatore shall instruct, assisted by a registrant patented customs, the customs export and import. There customer must provide documents within its jurisdiction such as identity document number, statements provided by national laws of the countries in which it is moving track, for export or import, and occasionally even for transit , goods.

The production of documentation for obtaining exemption from customs duties and other taxes (customs operation free), such as certificate of cancellation or new form of registration statements with invent consular annex, etc.. It is a burden of care and customer.
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