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Soppralluogo technical during which performs reconnaissance material move (furniture, furnishings, fragile objects, works of art, etc.. >, Places to practice (car parks, internal and external routes to the immovable), and the special needs Customer.

As for the material found its consistency in applying the evaluation parameter cubic meter. Other important factors are the smontaggi and replacements to be made, the quantity and type of items fragile and delicate, any objects of art or value, the presence of pianos and other musical instruments, or heavy pieces such as safes, or plants.

In relation to local landmarks are important characteristics and the feasibility / practicality of parking spaces, paths of the internal and external, distance to go in handling the material, the possibility of using elevators, lifts or the need to use lifting platforms (ladders engine) or other machines for handling.

It also recorded the needs, and strategies for the transfer of authority, with reference to the operational and logistical arrangements.

The assessment of the cost is based mainly on the number of persons employed in the removal (working days), and considers the amount and type of packaging material to be used, the use of technical equipment, the use of one or most vehicles (in relation to time and distances).

Sometimes, the contractual arrangements established with a client general (private or public entity, a company, organization, etc.). Who does the move on the transfer of its employees, service users, the benefits are established and described in a specification . Again conducting an inspection function is the proper organization of the service and its success.

When the domicile of origin is the move away from home and any subsidiaries of traslocatore, inspection, as some of the other transactions described the move as may be entrusted to an agent of traslocatore. When founded for one reason you can not make the physical inspection, the customer is required to provide an accurate description of the material moving and operating conditions, logistical and regulations which will take place in the move.
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